New-to-Us Zines: June 10, 2016

Gift of Cheryl Tapper

Coming Out Party #1 by Rori, 1990s?

Hello. I am 15 years old and I am an urban debutante. Welcome to my Coming Out Party, it's a zine by people under attack. Yes I do feel we are under attack.

Cover from Hamphire College Zine Collection

Gift of Katy Weselcouch

100% Acrylic #4-5 by Toby, 1996

After Anna by Stephanie Reinauer, 1999ish?

Billy's Mitten #10 by Theresa E. Molter, 1997

Grace Goes to College by Grace, 1997

My Brain Hurts #1 by Liz Baillie, 2006

Photo from Prism Comics

My Little Box #4 by Corinne Thornton, 1996

Nuclear Snowman #2 by Chris Sobus, 1990s

What do I like? Well I like you, of course. But my mailbox is always empty. You are making me rilly lonely. So what's rilly wrong? Did your pens run out of ink, or did they just run away? Maybe your mailman died. I'm so sorry, I know how much he ment to you.Think of it this way- you still have your mailbox, right? Well, stick some letters to me, in there, so your mailbox won't be bored.

Panties Unite by Kendra, 1997

Scruffy #11 by Alison R. Caplan, 1995

Alisons Seven Ultimate Jeopardy Categories
1. The Baby Sitters Club
2. Steve Malkmus
3. Menstrual cramps
4. niceness
5. Brian Krakow
6. Ben and Jerrys
7. Microwavable food products

What Is That?: Meditations on Gender, Sex, and Community by Ray Soltis, 2001

Gift of Sarah Knowles

In Morning Clouds #11, 12 by Sarah Evans, 1998? and 1999

As an artist I built my creative practice on the failures of dead white males.

Gift of Sarah Wenzel

The Postal Constituent vol. 6, no. 4: Poking the Bubble by Caitlin Cass, 2015

Cover from Caitlin Cass's blog

Internet Download

Shotgun Seamstress #3.5: Violins Aren't Punk by Osa Atoe, 2010

Cover from ScribD (pdf download)

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