New-to-Us Zines: January 29, 2015

Gift of Carly Lewis

Free Toy Inside #5 by Karen and Pam 1995

Calvin, Schroder, Linus, Jughead Jones, Wacko Warner, and Huckleberry Pie: characters Pam "wouldn't mind having as a boyfriend."

Interview questions for Ian McGettigan of Thrush Hermit include "who's your favorite muppet and why?" and "What show is better, 'A-Team' or 'Dukes of Hazard'?"

Scarred by Childhood by Vix Spooky, 2005

My mother tasted like Revlon. She left red marks on straws & fruit & me...

Gift of Megan Gerrity

Invincible Summer: an Anthology by Nicole J. Georges, 2004

Cover from spinstersummer on Etsy

Mista Go-Rilla's Anthology of Comic Genius vol. 1 by Missy Kulik and Five:Seventeen, 2001 

No Pets, No Smokers, No Losers edited by Andrea Gin and Joe Clark, 2004

This is the story of my sordid dealings with one Lucy Morgan, London trapeze artist and former lawyer. - Doretta Lau

Gift of Yvonne Ng

Boys by Fish on Fridays, 2002

Break Down and Let It All Out by Sarah, 2012

Freedom a Go Go by Shana McDonald, 2003

Things Better Left Undead: a Zine About Losing a Friend by Carly, 2013

With Love, From Me to You! A Zine About Mail Art by Melanie Coles, 2005?

Cover from

The Worst: a Compilation Zine on Grief and Loss #2 edited by Kathleen McIntyre, 2010

We are caught within the gears of a system that is primed to generate loss, trauma, and grief while leaving us scrambling and struggling for the resources and social supports we need to process grief.  To claim our grief--to claim that our relationships with each other matter--within this climate of isolation and denial is itself a radical act.

Cover from The Worst shop

You Are the Salt of the Earth, You are the Light of the World by Fish on Fridays, 2002

On the occasion of a papal visit to her town, Fish on Fridays observes

After this most recent batch of sexual abuse charges, the church has adopted a "zero-tolerance" policy.

Zero-tolerance for the victims of abuse maybe!

You Melt the Snow by Maggie MacDonald, 1999

Gift of the Creator

Bunny Donut by Yvonne Ng, 2003

For this one, props go out to Henri Bergson, John Berger, and (my very limited understanding of) Richard Borcherd's vertex algebra of string theory.

Inspirado #2 by Marissa Falco, 2015

Cover from Thimblewinder shop

Town Hall Lawn by Marissa Falco, 2015

Cover from Thimblewinder shop

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Catholic Church--History and criticism.

Liberty--Pictorial works.

Philosophy, French--Comic books, strips, etc.