New-to-Us Zines: January 13, 2017

Gift of Cheryl Tapper (probably)

Casa de los Trucos #2 by Mateo Parra, 2003

The Discovery of a World in the Moone by Molly Kalkstein, 1998

The Nerdy Grrrl Revolution #2 by Val Taylor and Nomy Lamm, 1994ish?

New York City Zine Fest Sourcebook by Lauren Michele Fardig and Cheryl Tapper, 2000

NKOTB 4-EVA by Courtney, late 1997ish?

Orange Velvet #1 by Candace Wright, 1999ish?

A Revised Guide to Natural Healing for Women, date?

Teenage Whoremoans #6 by Melanie Rose, split with Sisyphean Garbage #12 by Sarah Gion, 1997

Torrent Fanzine #1 by Steffi, 1990s?

Twenty Bus #6 by Kelli Callis, 1997

Gift of QZAP

Damaged Mentality #5 and #7: I.U.D.ities by Synthia Nicole, 2016?

Gift of Violet Fox

Decolonizing Library Science by Kalani Adolpho, 2016

Cover from Violet Fox on Twitter

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New Kids on the Block--Appreciation.