New-to-Us Zines: February 17, 2017

Gift of Cheryl Tapper

Frida ♥ Diego Zine Mailorder by Celia Perez, December 2000

Cover from Hampshire College Zine Collection blog

Meta/Morphosis: a Small Piece of Semi-Fiction by Katherine Bridges, 2000

Pander Zine Mailorder by Ericka Bailie, Winter 00/01

Picaflor #2 by Celia Perez, 2001

Pink Tea #3 by Keight Bergmann, 1998

Pippilotta [Delicatessa] Zines Crafts Spring Catalog by Tim and Kniqole, 1999

Pisces #?, 13 by Kerith, 1998-2001

Pisces Catalog 7, 8, 10 by Kerith, 1998-1999

ten steps i must take in becoming queen:

  1. not being agraid of saying "no"
  2. doing something for muself before i bend over backward for someone else
  3. believe that i am important
  4. not being afraid to speak my mind to protect others.
  5. always pamper & spoil myself.
  6. believe that i deserve all good and wonderful things.
  7. meditate, guided imagery, therapy
  8. spend time appreciating nature & all living things
  9. keep sexually active (when you are depressed you usually loose sex drive & self-esteem)
    and realize that i am a sexy goddess.
  10. exercise (great for healthy mind & body)

(excerpted with permission)

Pisces Ladybug #4 by Sarah From, 1996