New-to-Us Zines: February 12, 2015

Gift of Kandis Friesen

All the Rage by Romy C., Jess M., Kathryn R., Sara P., Kim K., and Anastasia J., 2004

A Clockwork Gorbachev by Maggie MacDonald, 1998

Dis-n-tangle #1 by Fran Odette, Wendy Peters, Michelle Bourgeois, and Leah Dolmage, 2001

There once was a collapsible cane
That was owned by a queer girl named jane.
She used it to lean on,
And in place of a strap-on
When she met a cute girl on the train.

Language Is a Missile to the Ear, two issues, by Rebel Jade?, 2000ish?

Libel #18 & #19? by Jenna DeLorey, 1998 & 1999?

Lip #5 by Andrew Hood and Alessandra Naccarato, 2007

Mysterious Economies, 2003?

Sick Punks by Siue, 1990s?

SP: What advice would you give other punks who've found out they have diabetes?

B: Get insurance by whatever means necessary. You are going to have ongoing medical expenses for the rest of your life. Tell the doctors you're unemployed or homeless or both. Don't be too honest with your doctor about anything other than your actual medical condition.

Winnipeg by Anastasia Jones, 2005

Wiping the Curious Sensation of Life from My Eye: Poems by Anastasia Jones, 2004ish?

Gift of Megan Gerrity

Good to Know #3 & 6 by Amy Ng, 2008 & 2011?

Covers from Pikaland shop

Little Encouragements by Sara Turner and Jerzy Drozd, 2006

Gift of the Creator

DIY Sex Toys and Other Things by Kandis, 2004ish?

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Heading

Diseases--Social aspects.

Ocean bottles--Comic books, strips, etc.


Sexual minorities with disabilities.

Winnipeg (Man.)--Pictorial works.