New-to-Us Zines: February 10, 2017

Gift of Cheryl Tapper

Pander Zine Distro Catalog by Ericka Bailie, Fall 1996, Winter 96/97, and Spring/Summer 1998

Pandora's Box #1-2 by Sam Culprit, 1996-1997

Cover from ZineWiki

"Pandora's Box isn't a perfect metaphor or analogy (like there is one), because opening my zine is not going to unleash plagues upon the masses. but it is filled with the stuff that pisses me off, the things that make my blood boil, as well as the hope that keeps me alive. you can find all kinds of butterflies in here." - introduction to #1

Pass the Buck! Catalog: Cool Sounds for Hip Kids by Nicole and Louisa, Spring 1997

Pennyless #2-3 by Lida, 1996

Phonomania! #1 by Julia Hernández, 1990s?

Plushtoy Picture Book: #4, Tattooed Women by Katrina del Mar

Power Candy #16 by Ericka Baillie, 1996

Quantify #1 by Lauren Jade Martin, 2000

Queen of the Thundercats #4 by Cristina Moracho, 1996