New-to-Us Zines: December 11, 2015

Gift of Cheryl Tapper

Chapped Lips #1 by Chelsea Carpenter, early-mid-1990s?

We keep going round
and we keep falling down
         we blame gravity
         but maybe our shoelaces are

The Day of Wrath (Happy Valentine's Day) by Gillian Beck, 2000ish?

Duchess Lillian's Ass Enlargening Sour Cream Fudge Cake Recipe by the Chicago Lesbian Avengers, mid/late-1990s

[not vegan]

Eat Yer Heart Out, Martha #2 by Candyce, 2001

Whether we are creating something useful or simply for our own pleasure, [DIY/crafting] can be a political act. Self determination, creativity, resourcefulness--these characteristics are the tools needed to foster revolution, whether on a personal or global level.

Kill Rock Stars by Slim Moon, 1994

From the catalog addendum, "We no longer have the post version of the Kill Rock Stars earrings, but we still have KRS dangles and Witchypoo of eitehr variety."

Knee High: My Toys by Missy Kulik, 2000

Knee High: Roadside Stuff by Missy Kulik, 2000

PekoPeko: a Zine About Food #1 by Karen Eng, 2001

Power Candy #17: a Compilation of Issues 8-16 by Ericka Bailie, 1996

Socially Fucking Retarded #1 by Darby Romeo, 1996 or 97

"So the double blind test RESULTS have not quite come back from the lab but zine people don't care much for specifics anyway - we're more the make things up (and print them) as we go along types."

Spit Shack Heart Attack #12 by Susan Belle, 2001

Teenage Bombshell #1-2 by Katy Weselcouch, 1996

[No title] #2 by Sabrina, 199x?

Gift of Emily Nilsson

The Assassin and the Whiner #11 by Carrie McNinch, 1999

In which a girl from southern California experiences an east coast winter, and is thwarted by library internet filters when internetting a high school classmate turned porn star.

Gift of Sarah From

Socially Fucking Retarded #1 by Darby Romeo, 1996 or 97? (second copy)

Trade with the Creator

Everyday Queer Sex for All by Amber Jean Coyne, 2014