New-to-Us Zines: August 29, 2016

Acquired from the Creator at the NYC Femininst Zine Fest 2015

Columbia Prison Divest, 2014

Magic Needle: Feminist Thoughts on Textile Art and Streetart by Cam, 2015

The Most Important Zine of the Day by Brook and Felicia,  2014

My Family's Vaginas and Other Stories by Sarah Godfrey, 2013

My Spelled Out Strong Opinions: a Comic by Suzy Gonzalez, 2015

No Better than Apples #10 by Kate Larson, 2014

Purple Pony #2: First Experiences and #4: Not Anymore by Ana Maria Seguin and Leigh Burmesch

Rad Rag: Your Flow Is Fly by Nyxia Grey, 2015

Radical Domesticity #1-4 by Emma Karin Eriksson, 2013-2014

"A chore wheel is not the beginning of a police state. Wanting a clean living room and dish-free sink is not "un-punk". Wanting to darn your socks does not make you a slave to the patriarchy. I PROMISE." RD#4

Slash Zine by Sy J. Abudu, 2014?

Sometimes Getting Better Is Going Back by Mia Bruner and Emma Cat, 2015

Soundproof Your Room: The Caroline Tompkins Story by Caroline Tompkins, 2015?

X-Files by Sarah Godfrey, 2015

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings


Metis art.

Street art.

X-files (Television program).