New-to-Us Zines: April 28, 2017

Gift of the Creator

Sticks & Stones #12: Utopia by the Barnard Zine Club, 2017

Gift of Candace Mooers

Angry Girrls #1, 2002 or later

Dollfazed #4 by Kiera Ormut-Fleishman and Stephanie Silverman, mid-summer 2001

Gift of Marne Meisel

Building Up Emotional Muscles Pt. 1-3 by Shomi Noise, 2005-2010

Gift of Vani Natarajan

It Gets Bitter: poetry by DarkMatter, 2014

"Sometimes I believe not smiling is an act of defiance
It's a way of acknowledging and documenting the silence that glues my culture together like"

"Baa baa black sheep have you any wool?
yes sire yes sir three bags full.
One for the master.
One for the dame.
One for the Department of Defense."
-From Some Nursery Rhymes for Babies Resisting Empire by janani

Gift of Zine World

Anger & fun* #1 edited by Mary Lounsbury

expatriate RETURN by Janice Flux, 2011

Hearts on a Wire #5, winter 2012

Hot Lunch #1: Accidents Happen by Kaitlin Young, 2011?

She Said by Judith Arcana, 2011

A JANE volunteer recalls things patients said, pre-1973.

"On the phone she said, I have a friend who's got a problem, but she couldn't get to a phone so I'm calling for her. Do you know what I mean? Is this the right place?"

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