New-to-Us Zines, Added 8/9/13

Pacifier by Heather Lynn, 1996.
Sometimes you read a zine written by a teenager ten or more years ago, and you wonder how the author is doing and hope she's all right. I always feel that way when I read a zine by Heather Lynn, who I glean from Facebook is still friends with a bunch of 1990s zine girls. 

Panophobia #s 2-5 by Jen & Sarah Wolfe, 1994-1997.
The sisters interview musicians you've heard of about their phobias and also ask Cub members about all things Canadian (Degrassi, Michael J. Fox, Niagara Falls, etc.). 

The Pans, the Pants & the Plants by Thelma & Anke, 1999. 
What happens when a woman from Germany and a woman from Iceland meet in Spain...obviously they make a romantic horror zine together, in English. 

Pass the Buck catalogs by Louisa and Nicole Solomon, 1997/1998 and undated.
Record label and distro catalog, including #cassingles. 

Plume #s 7 & 8 by Sheila Burgel, 1994 & 1995.

Pinpoints and Unfamiliar Settings by Samantha Marcelo and Teri Vlassopoulos, 2001. 

Pork and Beans #s 1 & 2 by Shane/Shannon and Amy/Ami, 1994-1995.
"hey. i know you. you want to
advertise in pork+beans. ok...
write me and we'll make a deal.
i'm reasonable. besides, i like

Projector by Amy. 

A Question of Location by Eleanor Whitney, 2001. 
In a snazzily bound little book, college student and social justice activist Eleanor, living in New York City, examines her thoughts on Maine, where she grew up, back to back with her feelings and revelations about 9/11. 

Rats Live on No Evil Star #s 4, 8 & 9 by Marla Tiara 1995-1997.
Mid-1990s desktop publishing aesthetique, with references to AOL folders, mix tapes and Quark Express and a Sassy internship exposé.

Revise and Shred #2 by Katrina L, 1999. 
Shows reviewed: Run DMC at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, The Beach Boys at Foxwoods Casino, The Make Up at Secret Theatre. 

Silver Rocket #s 6 & 8 by Nicole Solomon, 1997 & 1999?
"Nella Larsen rocks my bookcase." 

Slave to the Needles #1 by Aimee Hagerty, 2003. 

Image from KnitBlog

Twenty Bus #7 by Kelli Callis, 1997. 

Up #13 by Mollie B., 2000. 
"2 months later I am still not over Egon Schiele & it makes me real nervous."

Btw this author dropped out of school at 14 and is now an MD.

V-Reject #11 by Anna Sin, 1995. 
"you act like yr an authority on 'punk,' like you can speak for us all. well fuck you! it's elitist assholes like you who are ruining punk! who make me puke every time i hear the word 'punk'- a label i used to proudly identify with a couple ears ago, before all this exploitation crap. YOU give punk a bad name, NOT the 'posers'!! you come off so fucking arrogant when you say shit like 'my music,' 'our music,' etc. guess what?- the music DOESN'T BELONG TO YOU!! it belongs to everybody! your 'posers' CAN'T HURT YOU!!" (small excerpt of long screed that is awesome but may cause me to prematurely require bifocals to read) She ends it, "love, hugs, and kisses,"and illustrates the dear you with frolicking clip art penguins.

The "Velvet Grass" Bathroom Reader by Rebecca D. Dillon, 1998.

Viva la Marines by Erin Durant, 1999. 
Summer lifeguarding, band interviews, scheming roommates. 


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