New Arrivals: Chris Baty's Zine Collection

Ok zine enthusiasts, it's time for a nerdy question game: what do November, library donations, and zines from the mid-90s have in common?

Answer: Chris Baty.

Yes, the man who started National Novel Writing Month (which happens every November) also found the time to do a research project on mid-90s zines and has graciously donated his collection to the Barnard Zine Library! Long story short, when I opened that box of zines, a flood of golden light sprung forth and dazzled my writer-nerd eyes.

We are so thankful to be able to house this collection of zines, and are very excited to put them on the shelves. Here are some of the highlights to look for:

Danzine - a compilation zine about sex work, with pieces ranging from the political to the personal.

Bamboo Girl - a compliation zine about Asian and Pacific Islander Americans as well as immigrants, discussing racism, being queer, and life in NYC.

First issues of Bitch Magazine - did you know that the popular feminist pop culture magazine Bitch started out as a zine? Check out where they've come from at the zine library and where they've gone at their blog.

Blue Stocking zines - popular activist independent bookstore, Bluestockings, also has an early zine for your careful perusal; when you're not lusting after their books, check out the zine!

Gerbil zine - a zine about queer culture from all it's different angles - love it!

Milepost One Eleven - a book of original comics by Barrie Lynn!

Restaurant Fuel - a menu-style compilation zine about geek and punk culture.

To-Do List - a zine devoted to to-do lists and writing that reflects the daily life aspect of to-do lists.

Virago - a feminist perzine that takes its rightful place as the ultimate alternative to Seventeen magazine.