Mayans Predict the End of Zine World

I loved this statement from Fred Argoff in Xerography Debt 33, July 2013, p. 29 and so got his permission to share it here. 

So the world didn't come to a cataclysmic end in December 2012 after all. I guess that's a good thing; it's vastly preferable to be alive and able to produce the next issue of my zine, rather than perishing in a horrible conflagration. Strangely enough, however, it now appears that whoever read through the Mayan codices to announce the end of the world prediction made a small translation error, substituting "world" for "zine." Because the zine world certainly took a body blow at the beginning of the year when Jerianne Thompson announced her decision not to continue publishing Zine World.

Jerianne Thompson is a real hero of zine librarianship and someone I admire greatly personally and professionally and whose praises I sang inadequately on my personal blog a few years ago.