Marathon Weekend Cataloging Report

Gift of the Author

Alex #1-5 by Anne Hays, 2011-2012.

Cover from We Make Zines. 

"That year I took a trip to the West coast, and at one point I spent a night in a hotel with a transgendered friend of mine who I did not know well, along with his FTM friend and a woman who identified as androgynous. We played strip poker (what else would we do?) and I discovered that my friend, without his shirt on, looked more like a man to me than when full clothed." from no. 1. I love the youthful innocence, curiosity and playfulness conveyed by this passage, as well as the idea that in order to see, the friends also had to show and how seeing her friend nude helped Anne to better recognize his masculinity. 

"I happened to have skipped the fourth grade, which is sort of a formative year for breasts." from a survey response in no. 2, the bra issue. 

"I of course still read books approved by Random House but immersing myself in zines and AA meetings is definitely shifting my critical thoughts about what makes a story 'good.'
"It's good if it makes you feel something.
"It's good if you can relate.
"It's good if it promotes dialogue.
"It's good if it helps you and others.
"It's good if it's real.
"It's good!
"It's real!" from no. 4

Crack! A Keep Myself Busy Zine by Cat, 2013.

A 21-year-old tries to kick the habit--after thirteen years, she stops cracking her knuckles. 

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: a Love Story by Jerri Falwell, 2013. 

Not her real name. 

Hot Topic or a Lot of Needs (112) by Jude Vachon, 2011. 

This Is for You by C., 2013.

Gift of Keight Bergmann

(yeah, I thought I was done, but not quite)

Save Yrself #2 by Katrina, 1998.

"I really like this zine stuff becuz when people read my words they are listening to me, they can't ignore me or tell me to shut up or cut me off. This leads me to believe that the reason there are so many females who make zines is becuz when people are reading what we have to say, they can't 'gag the bitch' or shut her up or cut her off."

Warm Front Today: a Story of Sorts, #1. Words by Andrew Emond and prints by Teri Vlassapoulos, 1999.

Wasted Style #9: All Systems Are Gauche by Jamillah James.

Purchased from the Author

Sugar Needle #37 by Corina Fastwolf and Phlox Icona, 2013.

Cover by Kelly Froh

"Dark chocolate Toblerone is like eating a backbone or a saw blade, but with honey and almonds." - Mr. Fastwolf

Vital Signs #2 by Rachel Casiano Hernandez, 2013.

Cover from Burrows & Co Etsy shop.

Women of Color #5: Interviews, edited by Tonya Jones, 2013.

(2nd Copies) from Project Bridget Distro (now Autostop)

All My Friends Are Mountains by Bridget, 2012?

How to Make Lacto-Fermented Kimchi Topless by Katrina, 2011?

I Lost My Sense of Irony in Brisbane by Elle, 2010. 

Mellow Yellow #1-2 by Hannah Ho, 2006-

Not Afraid of Ruins #1 by Nausea Nissenbaum, 2008.

Sex Industry Apologist by Nine, 2010. 

Trees Die Standing #1: the Road to Gaza by Bridget, 2009?

Veganistan: Vegan Food from the Middle East & Maghreb by Bridget, 2011.

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Androgyny (Psychology). 

Habit breaking.