MA Thesis Riot Grrrl Researcher: Call for Interview Subjects

Emma says:

I am writing my thesis paper on riot grrrl zines and their impact on artists and zine creators working today. i'd like to conduct interviews with female or trans zine creators. I would prefer to speak with creators of zines that are heavily illustrated or have an emphasis on layout, collage, and/or photographs. I can pay $50 an interview plus* treat the interviewed to coffee or tea during the process! I am also open to speaking with anyone who created zines during and within the riot grrrl movement, even if they are no longer creating zines today. if you think you'd be a good fit please e-mail me back at or pass this on to someone you know!

Emma, a Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls volunteer, is in NYC. The image is of a pillow she made. I like how it depicts someone listening.

*Emma wanted to pay subjects but was told that doing so is not allowed.