Louis Armstrong birthday weekend cataloging report, 2015

July 4th is the birthday Louis Armstrong grew up celebrating. Apparently he was really born the day before or after, but whatever.

Poster from drawspots shop

Gift of Cheryl Tapper

Amber the Arsonist #6 by Rebecca, 2001

On exploitive docs & biopics:

When Hillary Swank got her best actress award I thought she'd thank Brandon Teena for dying.

As a jobhunting college senior fantasizing her response to job fair questions:

You know, it's enough that I got a haircut, am wearing Nice Clothes, and even managed to type up a resume. I want what everyone wants; to do very little work and make lots of money, and preferably not have to talk to anyone.

The Angry Needler: an Occasional Publication by JM, 2003

Cloud Picnic by Missy Kulik, 2002

Cover from Optical Sloth

Crude Noise #3, split with Nosedive: the Print Issue by Meredith Stern and Icky, 2003

Cover from Aboveground Zine Library

D.I.Y. Pet Care by Cassidy, 2001

Double Your Pleasure #3 by Karen, mid-1990s?

So maybe I'm not yr perfect citizen or even a perfect writer; but I have my own opinions on what I perceive as right and what I wish everyone in this world could have: LOVE.

The Edgy-Catin' Mama #7 edited by Nina Packebush, 2003

Mother Rebel #4 edited by Kim Pratt, 2003?

Text of the issue on Zine Distro

Orange Velvet by Candace Wright, 2000?

Potluck! A Cooking Compilation edited by A.j. Michel, 2004

It wasn't the cost, but what the toaster over represented - solitude. 

Gift of Julia Croon

Peedles... & Poodles by Saelee Oh, 2001

In which the author stops writing in her diary for fear of being misunderstood.

Gift of the Creator

Acadyke, 2013

As discussing the value of non-"academic" ways of knowing in an formal paper is counterproductive, I am making a zine to put these values into practice.

Frankie Comics #1 by Rachel Dukes, 2013

Cover from Good Comics

No Gods. No Dungeon Masters by Ion O'Clast and Rachel Dukes, 2014

If there are two big ingredients melting together in my brain's Subculture Crock Pot why don't I feel at home in either? Is there cross-section? Could I start my own sub-scene with some regicide themed RPGs or a militant queer star gazing group?

Cover from Birdcage Bottom Books

Purchased from the Creator

Ker-Bloom! #110: True Voyage Is Return by Artnoose, 2014

Cover from Sweet Candy

You Don't Get There from Here #31 by Carrie McNinch, 2014

The future scares the crap out of me.

Cover from Carrie McNinch's shop

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