Katie Ash on why she loves zines

I love how Katie, one of the organizers of the Portland Zine Symposium and the author of the beautiful Aubade zine, describes the power and beauty of zines. 

"there's something gritty about zines that forges a connection between the writer and the reader that most published work doesnt or cant. perzines are like secrets. they pull out the most important moments in one's life and makes sense of them. they document realizations, changes, metamorphoses. and because it's amateur writing and because it's unfiltered, there's a very real quality behind all the pages. there is a person behind the words. zines point to the humanity in all of us. 

"and the other reason i think zines are so important is because they're made with love. they have to be. there is no other reason they could exist. they're not made for financial gain or fame. they're a pain in the ass to make...copying is expensive, writing takes forever, editing takes even longer, they make your living space a mess when they are being put together and laid out [editor's not--and you cats don't help AT ALL], they take forever to collate and bind, and it's not exactly easy to find a forum in which to distribute them. for the most part, they end up taking a lot of time and money on the writer's end. why would you ever put yourself through such a hassle unless you downright loved it? there is no other reason; zines are made with love."