JFK 50 day cataloging report

Made in Sara Marcus's Pre-College Program Class

All Grown Up by Sophie Houser, 2013

"Those days ended when you turned 10 
And your palate changed. 
The first time I ate a cake and it was too sweet
I cried. 
On the inside.

"Salad stopped tasting so bad. 
Meat, milk and pasta weren't your three favorite dishes
And suddenly
desires got a bit more complicated."

I love that last line. 

Awakening by Jaclyn Walsh, 2013

Handwritten, on an angle, takes up the whole page:

"Today I learned that I really like Jackson Pollock and Marisol Escobar. (more on this later)."

The Best & Worse Zine You've Read by Hannah Levin, 2013

Late Night Cereal Addiction by Caroline Strauss, 2013

"Your name does you no justice. You are neither pin, nor apple. I can't even eat you, because you're preventing the table from floating towards the ceiling."


Metro by Nina Donoghue, 2013

My New York Notebook by Jessica Hochberg, 2013

Notice Me #1 by Theresa Ross, 2013

This is the first time, to my memory, that a Pre-College zine was identified as #1. I hope Theresa makes a #2!

NewYork, NY by Darsen Hover, 2013

"The spontaneous decision to add feta cheese."

Scrap by Katherine Chavez, 2013

Welcome to Our Colony by Simone Messer, 2013

Purchased from Brown Recluse Zine Distro

Cover photos from distro. 

Birthday Party #1 by Khris Acosta, 2013

"I have been 'accused' of being too white because of the things that I am into. So there I was in the awkward space between not being punk enough and not being brown enough. But if you look at the history of punk latin@s, filipino@s and other people of color have had a long history of participation. From Alice Bag of the Bags in the late 70s LA scene to Los Crudos and other Latin@ bands from the Pilsen area of Chicago, to the punk scene in the philippines which is very much alive and has been developing on its own, punk is very much NOT a white thing."

High St. Este de Oakland: Tierra de Lucha y Limones by Brenda Montaño, 2012

"East Oakland is under constant surveillance. Cop sirens wail into the air at all times of the day: morning and night. On a Saturday night, you will see two cop cars, separated by less than a mile, pulling someone over on International Blvd. Their flashlights violate the brown faces, no longer smiling. I compare this to the U.S. Occupation in Iraq. I compare this to the Mexican Military Occupation in Veracruz. Under constant attack, how can it be expected that people won't fight back?"

And she thanks the librarian from the Oakland History Room who helped her. 

Nerds of Color #1, sometime between 2010 and 2013

On Struggling: Identity edited by Monica Trinidad, 2012?

On Struggling, #2: Self-Care edited by Monica Trinidad, 2013?

"Querid@s QTPOCs
"KNOW that the system is built by people who are not about us. The system is not there for our benefit. Our communities' needs are not facilitated by this set-up. But we hustle hard and get ours when and where we can. ... And I'm not talking about Obama as president, Sotomayor in supreme court or lobbying for the right to marry. That's cute as far as representation and all, but these assholes are still working for the system."

Tick Tock Biological Clock #2 by Jolie Nuñez-Noggle, 2010.

Xicanistas & Punkeristas Say It Loud by Brenda Montaño, 2013?

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings


Oakland (Calif.)--Social conditions.