Introducing Elvis, the new Zine Library Intern

Hi everyone! My name is Elvis Bakaitis, and I'm happy to be interning at the Barnard Zine Library this Fall.

I'm currently in the MLIS program at Queens College, in the Archives Certification program.

I also co-organize the NYC Feminist Zinefest (coming in Spring, 2013!), & facillitate the Feminist Bookclub and the Radical Librarians Reading Group; both are held at Bluestockings Bookstore on the Lower East Side.

I make a  zine called "Homos in Herstory," which is about queer history of the 20th & 19th centuries. I like making comics that folks can read and get a quick sense of what was going on for queers in a given decade. I've also done some presentations at local high schools and colleges about queer history, since usually people don't get that in their regular curriculum!

You can check out the various zine editions of "Homos in Herstory" (1970's, 1920's, and 19th Century) right here at Barnard's Zine Library; call number -

Zines B3535h 1920s 2012

If you'd like any info about those various bookclubs or zinefests, just stop by and say hello :-).