Hi, it's Jade!

I’m Jade, and I'm a first-year from the great state of New Jersey: ask me about my favorite bike rides and sandwiches in the Garden State!

I’ve been lucky enough to be a Zine Assistant since September, and I’ve gotten to do amazing things like co-run a workshop on cultural appropriation, watch the move from Lehman to LeFrak, and read inspiring zines every time I’m in the library.   

I first learned about zines as a camper at my favorite place in New York, Willie Mae Rock Camp, and this summer I got to teach zine workshops to campers with my favorite zine collaborator, my sister. (We make what we think is the only fanzine about the TV show Arthur.)

When I’m not taking a lap around LeFrak, you can find me on campus singing early music with Columbia's Collegium Musicum, making things with Pine Tree Scholars and Zine Club, and plotting how I’m going to steal a whole carrot cake from Hewitt before I graduate.

Say hi to me in the library or on the internet — I’d love to talk to you!