Hey, it's Madelyn!

Hi, I'm Madelyn! (pronouns they/them)

I'm super happy to be a summer intern here at the library until August! I'm a visiting student from UW-Madison in Madison, WI, where I study Creative Writing/Art History/History with an emphasis on East Asia. Some of my loves include reading/making comics, movie nights, grilled cheese + tomato soup, biking, and writing in general. I'm the founder of the zine Static in Madison, which deals with gender identity/ambiguity, mental health issues, and being a femme artist. In addition, I regularly contribute to and edit for Clitorally, another local zine.

I came across zines during my ~intense~ "riot grrrl" phase in my freshman year of college. That period led me to join a band called Gynosaur, and I still drum with them now! I'm not quite as obsessed as I was with the movement, but it was definitely transformative for me to go through things like the Riot Grrrl Collection and helped me discover that I could make zines of my own. Turns out, the medium really suited that amateur comic artist and emerging queer!

Anyway, that's just a little bit about me -- I would love to know more about you! Feel free to talk with me on the ~web~ or in person at the library. I'm really excited to join the community here!