Hello There, I'm Amanda

Some of my favorite artisits include Amel Larrieux, Charlie Parker, and Maxwell. If I had to choose my own personal anthem, it would be "I Gotta Find Peace of Mind" by Ms. Lauryn Hill.

My favorite things about zines are the space they provide for self-defined truths, and the value they give to voices and creativity. My all-time favorite zines are issues of Cocoa Puss by LaMesha Melton.

When I'm not working in the Zine Library, I can be found in Barnard's Career Development office, where I am a New York City Civic Engagement Fellow, developing and implementing community service initiatives, working with The WomanHOOD Project as a mentor to high school girls in the Bronx, or stepping with Venom Step Team on campus. 

[Amanda Perry is a new assistant working at the Barnard Zine Library. I asked her to introduce herself to y'all. --Jenna]