Flag Day Zine Cataloging

Still more zines from Keight

From Here to Lawrence, Kansas by Katrina Linda, 2004. 
Amtrak-ing it to northwest zine fests and ending up in Kansas. 

Galaxy Distortion #1-3 by Suzanne Coady, 1998-2000?
Prom, faeries, loneliness and Strawberry Shortcake. 

A Girl and Her Bike #6 by Angie Dueck, 1998.
Clever weirdness in couplets. 

Glosspot #2 by Jen Sbragia, 2004. 
"...a few comics I have been saving up, plus some photographs, and even some personal journal-ish things, just for the sake of pretentious self-importance. heh. Just kidding. Sorta."

Good Egg Day, by Marissa Falco, 1998. 
Illustrated traightedge adventures at hardcore show, punk prom and with rats. 

Good Faerie #12, by Gretchen, 1996?
Bisexual Mormon, sock survey results. 

Hands Off Parts 2-4 by Heather Lynn, 1995-?
"My new motto is fuck being put together."

Hope #16 & 18 by Elissa Nelson, 1999 & 2001.
Read Elissa's old zines, and mail her a nice letter. Now

How Fucking Romantic: a Comic by Summer
Minicomic full of male and female crushes: celebrities, schoolmates, ICQ and other internet connections, spouse. 

How I Learned to do IT Bloody Murder, by Heather Lynn. 
Fiction about a stay in a mental hospital. 

I Am a Camera #8, by Vanessa Berry.

Icecreamstar #1, by Elsa Pires, 1994. 
Interviews with tons of European bands. 

Ich Heisse Amerika #11, by Mollie, 1999.
Homeschooled lesbian teen. 

If You Were Here We Would Be Best Friends, by Suzanne and Ally, 2000. 
Letters between two would-be best friends. 

Igasho and Other Stories by Kalah Allen, 2000. 
Some of the comics feature animals prominently, but the animals don't talk. Duh. 

From the Zine Maker

Mixed Feelings: An I Statements Smörgåsbord by Jude Vachon & Kelly McElroy, 2013. 
Two librarians, processing. 

You Know Better #6 by Isabel Sparkle, 2013. 
The breakup issue. Four years. :(

New-to-us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Communication--Psychological aspects. 

Communcation--Social aspects. 

Softies (Musical group). 

Sound--Recording and reproducing--Handbooks, manuals, etc.