Dude. You. Suck.

Submissions Call posted by Jude:

Call for Submissions for Zine Entitled: Dude. You. Suck.
Deadline December 1, 2012
Send submissions to genderedcommunicationohmy@gmail.com

Call for submissions for a zine where women can share romantic/sexual experiences with men where they felt treated poorly in a way that seems related to sexism/gender issues.

I know that women can treat other women poorly in romantic/sexual situations, men can treat other men poorly..., but I want specifically to have conversations with other women about experiences with men because - holy shit is it still happening that e.g. domestic labor is not shared, emotional labor is not shared, there are still problems with sexual sharing and satisfaction...

I'm also finding that communication is still heavily gendered and what still isn't working are things like imbalances in responsiveness, initiation of conversation, content - balance in terms of whose concerns/work gets talked about, asking of follow-up questions, attentiveness of listening, advice-giving, competitiveness vs cooperative approaches...

Format should be - tell us your experience then list what elements of the experience you find related to problematic gender dynamics. You can be credited in any way you'd like, or remain anonymous.

So excited to support each other in commiserating and also in analyzing in the hopes of working towards less misery and more joy!

Please add anything you'd like, talk to me! Also, feel free to forward/share.

(Broken heart image used with permission from Roel Wijnants's Flickr account)