Vassar's newspaper covered a groovy weeklong zine event at their college library in April. Kudos to Heidy Berthoud and other library staff who made it happen!

The Collaboratory zines were part of Berthoud's master plan to launch a zine collection in the library.

The initial purpose of the workshops was for the Research Library to introduce the campus to their new zine collection. Berthoud said, “This great new collection of zines will hopefully be installed in a prominent public area over the summer. The Collaboratory is a way to put them out in the middle of campus. People can stop by; they can look at the zines; they can create a zine with us, talk about zines or just hang out.” Regarding the origins of this collection, she added, “Most of the zines are from Feminist ZineFest and specialized comic bookstores and zine distributors.”