Cataloging Zines Instead of Attending ACRL-NY

Acquired from A New World in Our Hearts at the Afro Punk Festival

Anarchism: the Feminist Connection by Peggy Kornegger, 1976. 21st century reprint

The Principles of Anarchism by Lucy Parsons, 21st century reprint

Downloaded from the Internet 

Leaving with Questions by a transgender collective in Iowa, 2012

On Being Hard Femme #1 by Jackie Wang

cover photo from QZAP

Trans.zine #5 by a transgender collective in Winnipeg, 2009

Purchased from Hadass Ben-Ari

Fallopian Falafel #4-14, 2008-2010

Photo from Salford Zine Library

" love-hate relationship with love is the only steady relationship I managed to maintain." #8

Several issues have contributions from Barnard alumna Lea-Ora Leeder and zine maker LaMesha

The Purple Myrtle Squeegy: a PMS Perzine #1-2, 2010

Photo from author's Etsy shop

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings


Vagina--Political aspects

Women in popular culture