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Gift of Mimi Thi Nguyen and the POC Zine Project

The Bakery by Christina, 1997

Housewife Turned Assassin #s 2 & 4 by Dani and Sisi, 1994 & 1996

"I write this simply to state my observations and feelings and to create understanding but not to devalue the riot grrrl movement. My experiences in r. g. Los Angeles beginning in 1993 through mid-1994 were wonderful and disappointing. At the meetings I met a great deal of sincere and intelligent girls and wimmin but I also met some ignorant, self-centered ones." --Sisi

Photo (of an issue we don't have) from on Liz on Flickr

Juryrig by Carrie and Bean, late 1994 or later?

"see, i don't know who you are. but i'm assuming you're white. that's fucked, especially since i'm not white, just like you--i hope. a white-boy (or girl) erased me from punk, and when i closed my eyes and saw a sea of white faces looking at my black & white pages i too excluded you, and me, a second time."

Mamasita #4 by Bianca Ortiz, 1996?

Marks in Time: the Very Early Go-Gos by Eden and Iraya, 1992.

"I remembered feeling relieved 'cause I'd finally met another person real into punk and underground music and the Go Go's as well."

From the blog of the same name

Messy Flower #3 by Hanna, 1995

Mestiza by Bianca Ortiz, 1996

Cover from Grassroots Feminism

"In a space where i am the only woman who is not white i feel alienated, the whole time thinking, 'Do they realize this? Why am i the only person of color in the room?' And in a space where i am surrounded by chicanas y chicanos i do feel comfortable but i am always observing how light my skin is and how obvious it is that i am half white in terms of skin, appearance, background and experience."

Mija by Bianca Ortiz, 1996?

My Broken Halo #2: Angels in the Darkness by Mesheyle, 1995 or 1996?

Photobooth Toolbox #2 by Andrea Fernandez, 1995ish?

"that you grew up not being racist. my ass you didn't. just look at the media and tell me how many people of colour ou see portrayed in a positive light. actually just count how many people of colour you see period aside from throw away characters and 'bad guys'"

Pure Tuna Fish #6-8 by Rita Fatila, 1996-1998?

Cover from Pride Library

Scarbaby #1 by Johanna, 1996

Cover from Flavorwire

Secret Agent Girl #666, first issue by Lida, 1997

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Go Go's (Musical group)

Immigrants--Cultural assimilation