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Gift of the Creator

Xerography Debt: the Review Zine with Perzine Tendencies #s 3, 8-18, 20, 23, 25, 26 edited by Davida Gypsy Breier, 2000-2010

I don't even know when Davida sent me these. 2010, presumably. I had them in my to-read/order-from queue instead of my catalog queue. While my cataloging backlog is formidable (maybe six months), it's far better than my zine ordering backlog, apparently (four years?!?). As long as I'm confessing my delays, my personal print correspondence debt goes back to July. 

from a column by Donny Smith in #9:

If your local librarian seems averse to zines, keep in mind that she might already be pressed on all sides by people who
  • want more videos in the library
  • want no videos in the library
  • want to be able to erase the parts of the library's videos they don't like
  • think books criticizing the Catholic hierarchy infringe on their freedom of religion
  • think any book that implies that homosexuals might not burn in hell for all eternity infringe on their freedom of religion
  • think any book examining the U.S.'s involvement in the Mideast puts the country in immediate danger of invasion
  • want more Internet filtering
  • want no Internet filtering
  • want no Internet
  • think librarians are paid too much and so on

In the same issue, I'm quoted as having written (in Words That Soak Up Life: a Reading Compilation Zine):

This movie SUCKED. I saw it again recently after re-reading the book and was APPALLED. Jodie Foster was the queen of suck, and the book is so incredibly good. Everyone involved with this film will join Spielberg in hell. 

I don't even know what I wrote that about. The Hotel New Hampshire, maybe? The Spielberg reference was probably about his vandalism of The Color Purple.

#10 provides DIY advice, re: zine making & distribution and font selection. 

"I read about 600 zines a year of every size and topic. Now, between you and me, there is something that we in the zine community need to address...font abuse. ...

"Just because you have 100 fonts at your disposal doesn't mean you should try and use them all at once."

She then goes on to explain serif, size, kerning and more. 

What does the subtitle "...with perzine tendencies" mean, you may wonder. In #12 Davida provides an excellent demonstration of said tendencies in her review of Miranda #10. "Strangely, I made Kate's recipe for 'the best peanut sauce ever' three times before I actually sat down to read the zine." Most of Davida's and other people's reviews start off with something about herself/themselves before they get into what the zine is about. 

Many of the regular contributors are library workers, including Miriam DesHarnais, Julie Dorn, Donny Smith, and Brooke Young. In her review of A.j. Michel's Time Enough at Last in #16, she writes "Also, these days you can't throw a rock in zinedom without hitting a librarian, would-be librarian, or librarian groupie."