Cataloging: Columbus Day Weekend 2013

Downloaded from the Internet

Activism Through Zines by Chella Quint, 2013

Image from Chella's project site

Gift of Keight Bergmann

Other Ramona #1 & 2 by Laura, 1999?

Photo from, Teri Vlassopoulos's website. 

"This is kid of off of a tangent and a lot less to do with annoying binge-drinking stories than I anticipated. But, okay... we've all gotten drunk and passed out. It's not so funny and it definitely doesn't make you cool or badass. Now shut the fuck up and go read a book." #1

Outlaw Fusion #2.5 by Amanda Indigo, 1999

"When I say I'm trying to eradicate 


"and other oppression from my life I'm coming from a positition of being completely submerged in it."

Paint Me a Revolution by Helen Luu, 1998

A Peculiar Twirling Skirt by Nidhi Bug, 1999

Pity Party #4/5 by K.R., 1998

"Inside this issue you'll find anxiety, paranoia, self-loathing, self-doubt, and poor body image. Just like every issue, really."

Popgirls #1-2 by Amanda MacKinnon, 1998-1999?

Image from our exhibit

Power Candy #21 by Ericka Bailie, 1999

"If you're not a voyeur of some sort Power Candy just may not be for you, cos this is almost like peeking through my window--except I've given you permission by leaving the blinds open & the lights on."

Gift of the POC Zine Project

Mixed Up! A Zine About Mixed Race Queer & Feminist Experience edited by Lee Naught, Lil Lefkowitz and Lior Hadar, 2013

Image from the zine's website

In which the editors than Sappho the cat. 

Tomgirl [#1] by Judith Jones and Rie, 2012?

Cover photo from The Cool Customer blog. 

It saddens me that many zine writers still feel the need to explain that feminism ≠ man-hating. That's not a criticism of Judith, 17 at the time of publication; it's a criticism of reality. 

Purchased from the Author/Editor

Imaginary Windows #6 by Erin Fae, 2013

In which Erin asks, "How can we increase gender literacy?"

This photo, which I nabbed from Facebook, appears in the zine. 

Tell It Like It Tiz! The Marie Smith Center Zine #3 compiled by Cecca, Marc and Nicole G., 2011

Elders share memories and advice and criticize a young man's unruly hair. 

Cover from Nicole J. Georges's website


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