Cataloging: Columbus Day Weekend 2013

Don't get me wrong--we don't take Columbus Day off at Barnard, nor do I want to honor Cristofero Colombo in any way. It's just a different thing to say than Zine Cataloging Report: 10/11/13. This will be a half day's worth of zine cataloging since I spent a few hours today at a radical archives working group meeting organized by Chitra Ganesh and Mariam Ghani

Downloaded from the Internet

Activism Through Zines by Chella Quint, 2013

Image from Chella's project site

Gift of Keight Bergmann

Other Ramona #1 & 2 by Laura, 1999?

Photo from, Teri Vlassopoulos's website. 

"This is kid of off of a tangent and a lot less to do with annoying binge-drinking stories than I anticipated. But, okay... we've all gotten drunk and passed out. It's not so funny and it definitely doesn't make you cool or badass. Now shut the fuck up and go read a book." #1

Outlaw Fusion #2.5 by Amanda Indigo, 1999

"When I say I'm trying to eradicate 


"and other oppression from my life I'm coming from a positition of being completely submerged in it."

Paint Me a Revolution by Helen Luu, 1998

A Peculiar Twirling Skirt by Nidhi Bug, 1999

Pity Party #4/5 by K.R., 1998

"Inside this issue you'll find anxiety, paranoia, self-loathing, self-doubt, and poor body image. Just like every issue, really."

Popgirls #1-2 by Amanda MacKinnon, 1998-1999?

Image from our exhibit

Power Candy #21 by Ericka Bailie, 1999

"If you're not a voyeur of some sort Power Candy just may not be for you, cos this is almost like peeking through my window--except I've given you permission by leaving the blinds open & the lights on."

Gift of the POC Zine Project

Mixed Up! A Zine About Mixed Race Queer & Feminist Experience edited by Lee Naught, Lil Lefkowitz and Lior Hadar, 2013

Image from the zine's website

In which the editors than Sappho the cat. 

Tomgirl [#1] by Judith Jones and Rie, 2012?

Cover photo from The Cool Customer blog. 

It saddens me that many zine writers still feel the need to explain that feminism ≠ man-hating. That's not a criticism of Judith, 17 at the time of publication; it's a criticism of reality. 

Purchased from the Author/Editor

Imaginary Windows #6 by Erin Fae, 2013

In which Erin asks, "How can we increase gender literacy?"

This photo, which I nabbed from Facebook, appears in the zine. 

Tell It Like It Tiz! The Marie Smith Center Zine #3 compiled by Cecca, Marc and Nicole G., 2011

Elders share memories and advice and criticize a young man's unruly hair. 

Cover from Nicole J. Georges's website


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