Cataloging 9/27/13, dedicated to ABC No Rio zine library cat, Cookiepuss

Gift of Keight Bergmann

The Amalgamated Everlasting Union Chorus Sings Ladyfest, edited primarily by Moe Bowstern, 2000. 

Photo from Bee Lavender's set on Picasa. 

The I.P.D. Song
I'll sing you all a song
About a wondrous new device
The nation's latest contraceptive plan
That funny little object
The call the I.U.D.
Has recently been change to fit a man. 

Good Faerie #12 1/2 by Gretchen, 1996?

Save Yrself #3 by Katrina, 1999. 

Reading something written by someone miles away that I can totally relate to or has made me think and question myself or somethng else or has inspired me to write IS SO IMPORTANT TO ME. I never thought anyone who wrote anything about themselves was just being terribly selfish. I know that what they say is important to them, and it's important to me, too. There are kids out there who have made me feel less alienated, less alone, less lost. And sometimes I don't relate. It doesn't matter as much as the fact that someone out there is telling their story, and trusting it in the hands of strangers. I think that rocks. I laern so much from people. ALL OF YOU PERSONAL ZINE WRITERS HAVE INSPIRED ME TO NO END. 

Sneer #11 by Kate, late 2000 or early 2001?

No, but a sneezing cat would have been cool, too. 

I am in class at nine o'clock. Psychology is my favorite. It makes everything easier to pin down. Gone are the elusive, ethereal terms of depression, manic, down, up, and replaced by the technical tangible terms of endomorphins. Occipital lobe. Hypothalamus. Seratonin. Frontal lobe. Depolarization. Hippocampus. Dopamine. Sham rage. Amygdala. 

I can put my fingers on these things. 
I close my eyes and know they are physical, matter-consuming things in my head. 

Amygdala means "almond shaped" and I've eaten almonds before. 

[space] by Moira Clunie, 2000?

Steady On by Dystatic, 2001. 

Superette #11 by Sandi Ward, 1996. 

Image from our Girls Write exhibit. 

Thirteen Love Poems and One Ugly One by Typing Explosion, 2003. 

I'll have bread buttered on BOTH sides.

cover image from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago Digital Libraries

Totally Fucked compilation of #s 1-3 by Jen Sbragia, 1995?

Last night I had a dream that Rose and I went to see a Barbie exhibit put on by Ione Skye.

Totally Fucked #s 4 & 5 by Jen Sbragia, 1996 & 1997.

Trellisaze Pixie by Diana, mid-1990s? 

Triplicate and File: the Ramblings of a Diary-Keeping, Poetry-Writing, Queer, Crazy, Feminist Temp by Marie Elia, 2001. 

I wrote this paper for my women's studies seminar, "Feminism & the Body." We could  pick whatever specific topic we wanted. So I picked the oh-so-narrow topic of the connection between riot grrrl and the-body-as-central-issue-of-third-wave-/contemporary-feminism. Yeah. I went over the page limit. 

Unravelling the World #3 by Xiaowei Wang, 2002. 

Violetblind #2 by Amy Esche, 1998. 

Kindergarten was not offensive to me mostly. Until a visit to the zoo set me straight on my formerly naive perception. 

Wasted Style #s 5, 7 & 8 by Jamillah James, 1998-1999.

When Singing Next to You #1 by Lazy Jane, 1999.

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Labor unions--Songs and music. 

Political ballads and songs.