Call for Submissions: Orgasm Zine!

Our understanding of women’s orgasms from pop culture and porn is very narrow. In talking with other women we realized that our experiences of orgasms are extremely diverse, and this allowed us to embrace our own unique experiences of pleasure without feeling pressure to conform to a norm. We all have different bodies, so it makes sense that we would have different orgasms. We are compiling a collection of personal stories about women's orgasms into a zine to hopefully help other women better understand that their pleasure is theirs alone and not what society says it should be. Please send us a submission of 500 words or less to the address below. You are welcome to start with one or more of the following questions, but they are only meant to get your juices flowing! The deadline for submissions is Feb. 29, 2012. All submissions will be anonymous unless otherwise stated. We recognize that gender is fluid and performative, and that "woman" is an unstable category. We welcome submissions from anyone who has ever identified as a woman. Happy writing!

-Do you have orgasms?

-How would you describe your orgasms?

-Do you have different kinds of orgasms?

-Have your orgasms changed over time?

-Do you think your orgasms are normal or typical?

-How do you communicate with a partner about your orgasms?

-Have you ever faked an orgasm? Why?

-Tell the story of your first or best orgasm

-Do you have difficulty reaching orgasm or did you in the past? What did you do about it?

-Are orgasms important to you?

-Do you experience orgasms differently while masturbating vs. with a partner?

-Do you have multiple orgasms, and if so, under what circumstances?

Send submissions to: