Call for Submissions: FIX MY HEAD zine!

From Anna Vo ( 



Anna Vo -

FIX MY HEAD is a far-far-left diy non-profit punk zine that is published and currently distributed in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Europe, Russia, Lebanon, the UK, North and Central America. It might be distributed in other places I don’t know about. It is a People-Of-Color focussed publication that features artists, academics and activists regarding different struggles. The content has always been predominantly women and queer folk.

The callout for #7 on nationalism, movement and diaspora was an attempt to start a conversation about identity, as a result of generations of forced ‘migration’ or displacement. I want to continue this conversation. FMH would like to hear stories or receive artwork from POC or QPOC who have experienced collisions of many worlds, who have a multiplicity of states of being - either for their jobs, families, friends or communities. FMH would be honored to hear about conversations or struggles around diet (eg. veganism v. cultural food), lifestyle, gender, sexuality, coming out, appropriation and/or/of religious practices. FMH would love to see photos or art about the types of work family are involved in, family histories, survival, customs and traditional ritual from any generation of immigrants.

One EXAMPLE I am struggling with now is the conflation of various ritual practices… Of late, when I partake in a Vietnamese incense-burning ancestor worship ritual that I have participated in since birth: I am getting white people mocking me for joining the “queer punk hippie witchy trend”. Because they are ignorant and cannot distinguish one practice from another. Because ceremony, ancient ritual, herbalism, tradition and religion are getting wrapped up and synonymized with practices appropriated and popularized by subcultural media. Because people are too fucking lazy to think about where these trends actually come from. So I am struggling to retain the significance of mourning for my grandparents whilst it gets cheapened and shat on by white dominance.

***END RANT***

I look forward to hearing from you and sharing our stories in the next issue.

Take care, Vo xxx"