Bunnygrunt's sound is Twee pop/Cuddlecore and they have been referred to as the "World's Cutest Band." The group's cover of a Christmas song 'Season's Freaklings' was featured in the 2003 movie Bad Santa, which increased their fame.

Listen to Bunnygrunt! I recommend the songs '1000% Not Creepy' and 'Constantly Fighting.'

Their online prescence is pretty small, but Barnard Zine Library zines contain a few print-only interviews:

Superette #11

Psycho tooth fairies and other idols

Panophobia #3

In fact, all of these fanzines have some really interesting interviews with indy bands of the 90s (especially Panophobia). If you're looking to relive Riot Grrrl through music, check out this list of zines and this Grrrl playlist!

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