Brooklyn Zine Fest Application Live 1/3

The email continues:

As you know from our previous announcement, the BZF 2013 will be held on Sunday, April 21st from 11am to 6pm at Public Assembly in Williamsburg.
We'll send out another e-mail when the application goes live at, but one thing's for sure: you probably don't want to dally.  Interest has been growing since BZF 2012, and we expect a big response this year
There's a new table option this year: the Two-Footer, on one of Public Assembly's stages.  Whether you're still developing your first zine, have just one or a few to feature, or just don't need a lot of space, this lower-priced option will allow more zine makers to participate.
For your reference, here are the table fees for BZF 2013:
Half Table (Standard size for most exhibitors - 3'x30"): $30
Two-Footer (2'x30" on stage): $15
Full Table (Limited supply - 6'x30"): $60
In the meantime, Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, and we hope to see your application on January 3rd!
Matt Carman & Kseniya Yarosh
Organizers, Brooklyn Zine Fest // Editors, I Love Bad Movies