Beeeep- You have (1) new Zine Assistant

 Hello all! My name is Megnot Mulugeta and I am a new zine assistant at the lovely Lefrak center. I'm a first year who intends on majoring in Environmental Biology. I hail  from the musical city of Nashville, TN. Zines are one of my favorite creative outlets; they're both handy AND dandy. Some of my favorites include The Coalition Zine, Diaspora Drama, and ShadeZine. Aside from zineing, I enjoy:

  1. baking
  2. reading really intense fantasy novels
  3. reflecting on the state of our planet
  4. making Spotify playlists
  5. putting clothes in my online shopping cart and never buying them
  6. babies 

I'm really pumped to work in the library this semester and I encourage all of you to stop by and check out a zine or two!!