Armistice Day weekend zine cataloging 2013

Downloaded from the Internet

Bolt #1-5, 2010. 

Photo from Platypus of Doubt

Gift of the Author/Editor/Publisher

Flux by Gallery 44, 2013.

Photo from Zineopolis

Palestine Through Art, Film, and Literature by Hannah Mermelstein's class at Saint Ann's, 2013. 

Purchased from the Author or Publisher

Apoplexia, Toxic Shock, Toilet Bowl: Some Notes on Why I Write by Kate Zambreno, 2013.

Cover from Guillotine

The Escapist Artist #3-7 by Jolie Nuñez-Noggle, 2012-2013. 

Covers from Jolie's Etsy shop

Punk by Mimi Thi Nguyen and Golnar Nikpour, 2013. 

"As I got older, I believed punk's premise to be a broad social and creative critique. I believed in the romance of a radical, antiauthoritarian scene located somewhere out there, far from my suburban bedroom..." -Mimi

"...I was similarly draw to the romance of the idea that the punk was a political outsider as well as a cultural one." -Golnar

Spoiler: that's not exactly what they found.

Skrrrl #2-3 by Jolie Nuñez-Noggle, 2013.

Cover from Jolie's Etsy shop

Violence by Vanessa Veselka and Lidia Yuknavitch, 2012. 

Cover from Guillotine

You Can't Bring Me Down by Jolie Nuñez-Noggle, 2012. 

Cover from Jolie's Etsy shop

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Palestine--In art.