Birthday Weekend Zine Cataloging

Gift of Julie Turley

Mermaids Against Misogyny, #1 & 2, by the collective, 2013. 

Made by teens in Utah who dare to say, "If you don't fit into a cookie-cutter gender role, it doesn't mean you're a bad cookie." (from #1)

Issue two features a Hello Kitty with ovaries that you're invited to color in. 

Downloaded from Rebel Press

Can't Hear Me Scream by Valerie Morse, 2007

Not Afraid of Ruins #2 & 3 by Nausea Nissenbaum

Cover from Autostop distro

Handwritten and illustrated by a woman incarcerated but not yet convicted of political terrorism in New Zealand. 

Small Victories by Nausea Nissenbaum, 2009

Gift of the Author

Common Sense by Jessica Baran (BC '01), 2013

Cover from author's Flickr set.

Tributaries #4: an Intro to Arthritis in Youth by JC

What Will Her Kids Think by Sally Deskins, 2013

Zine page from author's website

Purchased from Aijung Kim

Autumn Poem by Aijung Kim, 2009

Minutiae #1: Rose City Summer by Aijung Kim, 2008

Cover from author's Etsy shop

Minutiae #2: Wandering Sweet Pea by Aijung Kim, 2009

Cover from author's Etsy shop

Purchased from Antiquted Furniture Distro

Jesus Christ Super Zine #1 & 2 by Ariel Birks

Cover from author's We Make Zines page.

They don't figure prominently, but there is a reference to "worship teams," a phenomenon this zine librarian had never heard of before. 


New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings



Political prisoners.