9/20/13 cataloging report

Acquired from the Authors

Zine Librarian [un]conference 2013 Iowa City by Kelly McElroy and Kalmia Strong. 


Downloaded from the Internet

Quarrel: Stories of Survivor Self-Determination, Direct Action, Strategies for Safer Spaces & Ripping Patriarchy to Shreds by the affinity group, 2013. pdf

"Thank you

"To feminists, freedom fighters, our ancestors, everyone who has supported us, supported our actions for safer spaces, our friends, everyone who had a real conversation with us, everyone who is fighting for a just world without rape, racists, and evil liars. And also our Moms.

"Your heart is a muscle the size of your fist. Keep on loving, keep on fisting."

What Is This Thing Called M.E.? by an unidentified author, 2006 or later. pdf (might slow down your machine while it downloads)
M.E. being menstrual extraction. 

Gift of Keight Bergmann

Starethrough #2 by Diana, 1995. 

Telectric #3 by Samantha, 2003. 
Filipino-Finnish hapa identity. 

Tetanus Shot #4 by Heather, 1994.

"However, there's one thing I'm tired of even more--being told my zine 'isn't [blank] enough.' Not 'punk' enough or 'grrrlie' enough or 'Moz' enough. Not enough graphics, or cut-outs, or indie reviews or whatever. Well this zine isn't for 20 yr old bass players & slackers in underground clubs in N.Y.C. It's for really smart, really angry gurls and guys, stuck in suburbia--tired of whiny yuppies, apathetic druggies and the media telling us about 'our generation' (like we have one) & its 'trends' & 'movements' HA!"

There Are Not Enough Hours in the Day for All the Bitching I Have to Do #1 & 2 by Lynette Koh, 2000. 

Purchased from Autostop Zine Distro

btw thanks Anna Vo for the distro recommendation

All My Friends Are Mountains by Bridget Chappell, 2012?

How to Make Lacto-Fermented Kimchi Topless (cover title) | How to Make Kimchi Topless (distro title) by Katrina, 2011ish?

I Lost My Sense of Irony in Brisbane by Elle, 2010.

"I will never understand your fiscal reluctance to include a 'one' key or an exclamation mark. However I respect that.

"These are just my personal thoughts. Everyone has personal defects. Myself especially, let's make that clear."

If Destroyed Still True #6: Iraqi Kurdistan Edition by Nine, 2011. 

Mellow Yellow #s 1 & 2 by Hannah Ho

"Racism, monoculturalism, monolingualism and continued colonisation, play a mean hand in my parents decision not to pass the birthright of our language to me or my siblings." (in #1)

Not Afraid of Ruins #1 by Nausea Nissenbaum, 2008. 

"So what I've learned is that sometimes life is shit, & shit is fertile."

"Printed at Rebel Press, with a hatred of the state - and a loving lust for freedom - infused into every page."

Sex Industry Apologist by Nine, 2011?

"I am through with feminist spaces as a direct result of [their hostility to sex workers/sex work]. I still identify as a feminist, but I am wary of other feminists until I know where they satnd on this issue. I guess it's an extension of my little liberal (or radical, or whatever) bubble, but I prefer to be in safe spaces. And it may sound surprising to some, but, on the whole, I've found brothels to be more welcoming and less judgmental."

Trees Die Standing #1: The Road to Gaza by Bridget Chappell, 2009?

Veganistan: Vegan Food from the Middle East & Maghreb by Bridget Chappel, 2011?

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings


Direct action. 

Iowa City (Iowa)--Description and travel.

Kimchi-Comic books, strips, etc.

Kimchi--Handbooks, manuals, etc.

Kurdistan (Iraq)--Description and travel. 

Menstrual regulation. (for menstrual extraction. Whatever.)

Smugglers--West Bank--Interviews.