12/13/13 zine catalog updates

Gift of the Riot Grrrl Collection at Fales Library via Zan Gibbs

Antechamber #1 by Molly Zuckerman, 1996ish

Embracing Without Touching Without Touching Me by Megan, 1995

Hands Off #5: My Portrait of a Battlefield by Heather Lynn, 1996 or 1997?

I'm So Fucking Beautiful #1 by Nomy Lamm, 1995?

Cover from The Extender

Liar by Andrea Fernandez, 1996

"...i'm a leo. my favourite colour is red and i love photobooths. i love xena the warrior princess and eek the cat. i've been working as a telesurveyor for the last 4 months. anybody that sends me new kids on the block stuff rules. it has been a long time since i laughed real hard and i miss it. i got my hair cut yesterday real short and i love new wave. i have a juicer & i love to dance."

Nerdy Grrrl Revolution by Val Taylor and Nomy Lamm, mid-1990s?

"it's just that i often have trouble seeing men as people with rational thought processes that i could relate to and understand." - Nomy

"i want to learn about things that aren't necessarily oppressing me. i want to discuss in what ways i am oppressing. i want to be confronted. i want to talk about classism, racism..." - Nomy

Riot Grrrl: a Free Weekly Mini-Zine, #s 1, 2 & 4 by Allison, 1991

Cover from MissWorld

"MORE NEWS: The Vanguards are not going to be playing at Molly's parents' house today, due to some kind of alleged flakiness of a boy not-so-commonly referred to as the Sponge." two pages later "by the way Tim Green from the Nation of Ulysses and Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill WILL BE playing today at Molly's parents' house." so apparently all was not lost! From #2.

"So I'm in Junior High school and I'm oh so coll cuz everybody knows who I am, except me." From #4.

Riot Grrrl NYC #5, 1993

Scratch #1 by Becca and Kelly, 1994

Includes "Handy Hints for Petty Theft."

Self-Esteem Queen #1, 1993?

Sewer by Nicky Splinter, 1995?

Smile for Me #2-3 by Ananda, 1994?

"don't you love those bumperstickers that threaten the world with the person's almighty voting power, like 'i'm prochoice and i VOTE.'"

Spelling Bee #1 by Trish Bihon, split with Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars by TP, 1993?


This Is the Book of Truth: or Do You See Them as Lies? by Hollie B., mid-1990s?

Villa Villa Cola #6 by Tiffany & Nicole Morgan, 2001?


Untitled #7 by Sara Lindsay, split with Spirals Upward #5 by Basil, 1997


Written on a Body by Molly Zuckerman, mid-1990s?

"punk is low and mournful / eery and slightly exotic, its sounds like a mango eaten in a dark closet hoping you don't drip seeds on your dad's shoes- knowing you will and not really caring."

New-to-us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Intimacy (Psychology).