Today's zines cataloged include: 

  • The (Not So) Glamorous (Okay, Maybe a Little Bit) Life of the Zine Intern by Erin Elzi
  • Simply Something About Me
  • Soliloquy #3 by Kristen Braun
  • Some Thoughts by Chris Boarts
  • Some Yoga Asanas for Gynaecological Health by Lin & Lisa
  • Something Catchy Here #2 by blakslee
  • The Sound of the Hollow #1 by Nova
  • Sourpuss #8 by Sara McCool
  • South by Alessandra Naccarto
  • [space] by Moira Clunie
  • Sparkly Angel Zine #1 by Sara Berry
  • Speranza #8 by Chantal
  • Spime #1 by Suzanne Baumann

Exploring the ties between feminist art and popular music


From Hannah Neurotica:

     Time: January 29, 2011 from 9pm to 11pm
     Location: my bedroom to yours
     Website or Map:
     Phone: Call-in Number: (646) 478-4473
     Event Type: radio, show
     Organized By: Hannah Neurotica


The Health issue of sex ed comic Not Your Mother's Meatloaf is now available for download from the publisher's website (pdf).



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