Zines cataloged today for the Barnard Library Zine Collection include: 

Crude Noise [#1]

Driving Blind #2

Homo Health & Fitness (Your Guide to a New, Queer You!)

"I could throw in words like 'problematize' here, but let's keep this light, shall we?"

In keeping with the queer, old-fashioned photos, we assigned queer, old-fashioned subject headings:
Gays--Health and hygiene--Pictorial works.
Sexual minorities--Health and hygiene--Parodies, imitations, etc. 

Kiss & Tell

Licking Stars off Ceilings #15-17

the girlVIRUS is my guitar and restringing her myself.
the girlVIRUS is graffiti, getting away with it.
the girlVIRUS isn't fear, it's a life force, and it's cautious when it wants to be but moves forward with the majesty of a lioness. we know the risks. we have to live. we love each other and our selves and this world. we have to live.
the girlVIRUS is ancient, unstoppable and brand new. it's right now grrrls. and it's all yours. what are you going to do?

Watch Him Bleed #3 (split with Licking Stars off Ceilings #15)

White Elephants #4


Alycia Sellie, a librarian at Brooklyn College, is starting a zine collection there. 


Check out this neat art zines blog out of Germany, in English. I love the way it's set up with the categories at the top, the nice visible search box, clear home/about/archive buttons, calendar, tag cloud, etc. 


posted by Amy Raviwrong

Hey Everyone,

I'm looking for zine submissions for a zine exchange station/library/trade center at an upcoming show this month in Chelsea called INTO THE NEON. the show is being put on by myself and a group of  fabulous queer artists mostly based in Brooklyn that you most likely already love (but if you don't already, you will).


We'll leave our old LiveJournal blog where it is, but from now on, we'll be blogging here.


This event looks cool. I love things like this where people empower themselves rather than rely on institutions to create things like museums, libraries, and archives. I also love the pop-up/ephemeral nature of it.

The Pop-Up Museum of Queer History
Friday, January 14 at 5:00pm - January 15 at 12:00am



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