New to Us Zines: September 1, 2017

Acquired from the Creator

#AligningWakingConsciousness #1: Like an Intro or Something, 2016

All Who Are Hungry, Come in and Eat! A Choose Your Own Adventure Seder by Jennie Rose Halperin '10, 2013

ArtLife #2: Don't Quit Your Day Job! by Nia King, 2015

Bollywood Bromance #1, 2016

heterosexual "bromance" in Bollywood films narrated in memes

Disorientation: Barnard & Columbia 2017 by the Barnard Zine Club and others

"We invite you to start the difficult & necessary work of thinking about your role in oppressive systems as a Columbia student."

free online

Hari Kondabolu Interviewed by Nia King, 2015

Luna in the Morning: a Fanzine and Coloring Book by Trisha Federis, 2016

Mother/Daughter Split Zine #1 by Kim Cody and Dee Cody, 2016

Oatmeal Magazine: Moatmeal Castles & Dragons by Trisha Remetir and Claire Stringer, 2014

OVO: art/essays/poems by Raquelle Reeves, 2016

Through Her Eyes: An Exploration of Place and Purpose by Allyza Lustig '11, Chandni Navalkha, and Amber Collett, 2016

read online

Zebra Pizza #4-5 by Ziba Perez-Zehdar and Jon-o, 2015?

"I ain't got no type
All pizza is the 
only thing I like"
- from #4

"If I vote for Trump and not like pizza, does that make me a racist who doesn't like pizza?"
- from #5

Gift of Kim Riot

Traces: Women Who Inspire Us by Janni Aragon, Catherine Kineavy, and Elke Zobl, 2002

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Computer art. 

Homosexuality in motion pictures. 

Motion picture industry--Appreciation--India--Mumbai.

Yale University. School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.