New-to-Us Zines: July 25, 2017

Gift of the Creator

Lady Teeth #7 and Dude Swirl: a Split Zine by Taryn Hipp and Jonas, 2015?


Gift of Marissa Falco

Boys: What I Took Away from the Time I Spent with You by Liz Bolduc, 2014

Good Bad Sister Sister: a Comic About Two Sisters and Others by Lydia Fu, 2015

OK Cupid Messages I Have Not Responded To by Delphine Bedient, 2014

"Art is life at its most raw state.  I like how that straw looks like its coming out of your eyeball. haha."

Scared of Girls (and Bi) by Marie Claflin, 2015

Transmissions from the Malarial Swamp #2 by Colette, 2015

"6.  More often than not, people just want you to listen to them.  You don't necessarily have to DO anything."

Untitled Comic Diary part 1 by Liz Bolduc, 2015

Your Pretty Face Is Going Straight to Hell #21-22 by Tukru, 2015


Gift of Rumi Hara

Enamel Sisters by Endou Kentarou and Hakamada Masato, 2014

Futaride Ocha Wo by Sekikawa Kei, 2014

New Era Activities by Misaki Kawai, 2011

Release by Amy Peltz, 2014

Relics, Ruins, and Artifacts #1 by Meryl Truett, 2014