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Since the zines added this week were acquired at the Feminist Zine Fest at Barnard, here's a photo of the Barnard Zine Club's FZF table: 

The Barnard Zine Club tabling at the Feminist Zine Fest at Barnard, March 2014:
Eloise Giegerich, Jade Farrar, Alex Sanchez & Suze Myers

Photo by Ayelet Pearl


Today in obscure holidays: Pick Strawberries Day!

A result of a an image search on < punk rock strawberry shortcake >, this photo is of One-Eyed Doll, a band "Described as Strawberry Shortcake meets Gwar and Valentine's Day meets Halloween with the visual impact of Japanese Anime."


It's Fatigue Syndrome Day--very appropriate for a day that started with an all-staff meeting at 9am.

Cape fur seal (Arctocephalus pusillus) taking a nap in the sun, in the zoo of Rostock, Germany.
CC licensed photo by Rimshot


Mexican zines at the 2nd Zin Amigos zine fair in Mexico City, June 16th, 2012, photo from Fanzines Tumblr

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