Backlog Cataloged!

I knew I'd never finish the backlog if I kept adding to it, which is highly unfair to zines with titles at the end of the alphabet, not to mention unsatisfying. 

But now, the backlog is cataloged, so we can start on the new acquisitions soon. In fact, I will begin cataloging the zines I brought back from the Feminism and Zines event in Pittsburgh as soon as I publish this post!

In the meantime, I want to acknowledge some of the wonderful people who have donated zines (beyond just their own) to Barnard, thus enriching our holdings for lay readers and scholars from the Barnard and Columbia community and from all over the world. 

I see:  
Ayun Halliday
Baltimore County Public Library/Miriam DesHarnais
Barbara Anderson
Bust magazine
Celia C. Perez
Chris Dodge
Dionne Herbert
Ellen Adams
Elissa Nelson 
Felix Endara
Hillary Miller
Jaime Anno 
Jordan Zinovich
Justine Brink
Kim Riot
Lauren Jade Martin
Linda Ocasio
Lizxnn Disaster
Lucas Heckman
Madison Zine Fest/Alycia Sellie
Marie Penny
Marissa Falco
Mark Hickernell
Megan Gendell
Polly Cheung
Quatrefoil Library/Karen Hogan
Randall Fleming (Reverend Tin-Ear) 
San Francisco Public Library/Andrea Grimes
Sara Jaffe
Sean Stewart
Sharon Druck
Sheila Dignazio
Stranger Danger Distro/lb
Sweet Candy Distro/Sage Adderley
Thad Harvey
Yumi Lee 

Many thanks to the above and also to people who gave us copies of their zines or traded zines with me for the collection. I work hard to earn your trust and support and hope my efforts are worthy of that trust. It is an honor to preserve your zines, and those of your trading partners and communities, and to provide access to them, and to help make them part of the record of young women's lives in contemporary times. 

I'll have some real holdings numbers soon (my annual report is due to the dean in two weeks!). For now I can just report that I have over 4,000 records in my pre-cataloging database. That represents zines of which we have one or two copies, so a rough guess is that we currently hold 5,500 zines total?

Bring on the the new boxes of zines! Coming soon, news of Sarah Rose's donation of approximately 125 zines...