Call for Submissions to As[I]Am: Asian American Social Justice Website

As[I]Am is an online space for Asian Americans to discuss how our identities relate to our work in social justice. Due to the broad range of answers to this question, As[I]Am is committed to creating a pan-Asian space where the 40+ ethnicities that fall under the label “Asian” may share their many different experiences. As[I]Am also encourages people of different gender identity, sexual orientation, class, ability, and other intersectional identities to share their experiences and approaches so as to explore the many varied ways one lives and works as an “Asian American.”

Call for Submissions:
Inform, connect, discuss. As[I]Am is staking a claim on the internet to create a relatable pan-Asian space where social justice activists can do just that. This new website project, particularly geared towards young people, will be one of the first spaces online to share stories and talk about the numerous and varied issues that fall under Asian American social justice.

We want to showcase the many ways in which Asian Americans participate in social justice work - through art, learning, and action. From that broad definition, we are accepting submissions on the question:

What does it mean to be an Asian American working for social change? How does your identity (racial, gender, sexuality, class, etc.) shape your life and how you approach social change? And finally, how do you shape the movement with your work?

We are excited to accept many different forms of media, including: interviews, organization profiles, visual art, audio & video, non-fiction blog posts, fiction & poetry, and personal narratives. Please keep written submissions between 300 and 500 words. Pieces can be published elsewhere, but must be linked/noted.

Please email your submissions to with the subject line [type of submission, e.g. Fiction] Submission for As[I]Am.

Feel free to send questions and ask for further info at that same email address,

The deadline for submissions is March 2nd, 2013.