Alice Bag on Punk Lit, Punk Rock, & Chicana Identity

Check out this amazing interview with punk rocker Alice Bag, on her new autobiography Violence Girl: A Chicana Punk Story. Beyond the book itself (which I really really want to buy and read in the few hours of free time I have in between classes and homework), she discusses punk identity and how that intersects with her own identity as a Chicana woman. Complicated, fascinating stuff. Here's a quote from the article:

"SFWeekly: The phrase, "Cultivating my own isolation," was used repeatedly in the book, and it seemed a particularly interesting notion to me. Would you like to expand on that idea?
Bag: It was a struggle between feeling that I was different, wanting stick to my guns and be true to myself, but at the same time craving human interaction. There were two things pulling at me. The need to be accepted and relate to others and the worry that if I'm true to myself, I'm not going to receive that acceptance."