Zine Scholarship

Zine Scholarship

Zineography spreadsheet, created by Charlie Macquarie during his internship with the Barnard Library Zine Collection. Inspired by a zineography created and maintained by Chris Dodge through 1998 or so.

Like any other resource used in scholarship, zines should be cited. Cite This Zine (One-page folding-zine pdf. For best results print on 11x17 paper, but 8.5x11 will work, too.) (How to fold and cut a one-page folding-zine--another pdf)


Research Topics

Here are some topics that could be researched using the Barnard Library Zine Collection

  • women's, girls', transgender and sexuality studies
  • Michigan Womyn's Music Festival controversy
  • girls & women’s attitudes about shaving and feminism
  • women of color
  • mixed race
  • mixed religion
  • young motherhood
  • mental health, health care issues, treatment, and mistreatment
  • riot grrrl aesthetics, fliers, propaganda
  • misogyny in high school
  • homophobia in high school
  • girls & women’s hatred of Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich dating back to the early 1990s
  • how knowledge is disseminated (hpv, women’s self defense, alleged rapist’s names)
  • I’m not a feminist, but... statements
  • evolution of desktop publishing
  • self-publishing as activism
  • soundtrack listing analysis
  • intersecting circles of zinesters and zine groups (through zine ads)
  • zine ads
  • zine quizzes, polls, and surveys
  • the rise of the perzine from the fanzine
  • Sanrio/Hello Kitty
  • privilege in activist communities
  • racism in feminist communities
  • fat acceptance movement
  • attitudes toward sex work
  • comparison of US and Canadian zines (including mention or lack of mention of health care issues)
  • zine interviews with Kathleen Hanna (and various riot grrrl figures and bands)
  • girls & women’s attitudes about Courtney Love
  • handwriting analysis of girls and women
  • juxtoposition of art and images in zines
  • the use of fortune cookie fortunes in zines
  • photobooth photos
  • HPV experiences
  • reactions to 9/11
  • young women and crafts/cooking
  • self-mutilation/cutting in young women
  • pen pal/distance/paper-mediated relationships
  • zines by sisters
  • zines by twins
  • Greyhound stories
  • public transit stories
  • reactions to Sassy magazine, The Adventures of Pete & Pete, My So-Called Life, and Beverly Hills 90210
  • zinesters who participated in school gifted & talented programs
  • menarche