Disability Zine Exhibit

photo by Secil Cornick, Barnard Media Services

Curated by Lenny Sydney Adler for the Barnard Library Zine Collection

This exhibit, installed on the occasion of the Barnard Center for Research on Women Scholar & Feminist Conference, "Movements: Politics, Performance and Disability," seeks to shed light on the voices of women living and working with disabilities-telling their stories via the D.I.Y. mythos of the personal, self-published zine. Featuring a range of pieces published within the past dozen or so years, each edition contextualizes the writer's view as related to the individual's experience in punk rock, feminism, queer culture, and film. Community care, motherhood, and the underpinnings of the medical industry are discussed. Women of color, size, and different economic backgrounds are represented. This exhibit is made up of zines from the Barnard Library Zine Collection archival and circulating collections.


When Language Runs Dry (2009)- Claire Barrera and Meredith Butner

Editors  Claire Barrera and Meredith Butner collect contributions from cartoonists and short story writers on chronic conditions such as Crohn's disease, IBS, musculoskeletal dysfunction, pelvic pain and mood disorders.


Murmuration (2005)- Jess Crawford

Jess Crawford writes a detailed narrative about her stepfather's life with brain cancer after being given a two-year survival prognosis.


Flaming Eggs (1994)- Hilary Davis

The young Hilary Davis writes a zine about high school and later college. A talented violinist and music writer- diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease.


Driving Blind (2002-)-Erin Hawley

Erin writes about having Muscular Dystrophy. She also reviews music and zine.


In the Humor for a Tumor (2009)- Rebecca Katherine Hirsch

This is a literary zine about being misdiagnosed. Hirsch uses poetry and prose to recount her experience.


Worry Stone no. 1 (2008)-Jerianne

Jerianne writes about being a mother whose partner and son have diabetes. She discusses her personal experience and difficulties with the Medicaid system and finds solace in music.


Functionally Ill (2007)- Laura Marie

Laura Marie's zine is about living with bipolar disorder and her experiences with the psychiatric industry.

Poisonous Plant's in the Garden (2002)- Bee Lavender

Bee Lavender of Mamaphonic and Punk Planet fame talks writes about her cancer relapse and alternative medicine through her treatment.


My Little Ulcer Story (2004)- Liberte unLocked

This is a zine about fatphobia and anti-veganisn in the medical industry.