Zine Exhibits

Online Exhibits

Elections & Protest, Melissa Jones, design and new educational content
This resource has teaching tools and lesson plans that utilize the zine collection for language arts, media studies, information literacy and historical purposes. The original site, with higher functionality is still accessible from the Barnard network.

Girls Write, Jacqueline Rider, design implementation and new textual content
The Institute for Research on Women and Gender at Columbia University launched its 25th Anniversary celebration with Girls Rock!, a daylong multimedia exploration and demonstration of music as an empowering force for girls and women. As part of that celebration, selections from Barnard’s Zine library depicted the strong bonds between music and zines in the exhibit Girls Write. This exhibit is an online version of the physical installation.


Onsite Installations

Disability Zines Lenny Sydney Adler, curator
This exhibit, installed on the occasion of the Barnard Center for Research on Women Scholar & Feminist Conference, "Movements: Politics, Performance and Disability," seeks to shed light on the voices of women living and working with disabilities-telling their stories via the D.I.Y. mythos of the personal, self-published zine.  Featuring a  range of pieces published within the past dozen or so years,  each edition contextualizes the writer's view as related to the individual's experience in punk rock, feminism, queer culture, and film. Community care, motherhood, and the underpinnings of the medical industry are discussed . Women of color, size, and differential economic backgrounds are represented. This exhibit was pieced together using all of the resources via the Barnard Library Zine Collection where all of these zines are available! Please find brief descriptions of each piece below and discover more from the Barnard Library Zine Collection! Spring, 2011

Elections & Protest
, Julie Turley, curator. Spring 2008

Girls Write, Elvis Bakaitis and Jenna Freedman, curators. Fall 2012.
See description in the online exhibits section above.

Marissa Falco Retrospective, Elvis Bakaitis, curator. Winter 2013.

Transmissions, (Transgender Zines) Torie Quiñonez, curator. Fall 2005

The Zine Scene and College Knowledge, Jennie Rose Halperin, curator. Summer 2007