Excerpts from Zines


Marissa Falco "Of and About Letters" from Red-Hooded Sweatshirt #3

"A letter is a precious thing, a firsthand account of what a person was trying to express at a given time, a record of correspondence & communication between two people, be they friends or family or outright unknown to each other. Letters come in the mail, plastered with stamps, tattooed with places I have never been: place/date/time. There is some evidence of the exact time when a letter flew through the canceling machine in a given city's post office......" read more

Sasha Cagen "SISTERHOOD WOULD HAVE BEEN POWERFUL: notes on class and contemporary feminism" Cupsize #5, about the 1996 strike at Barnard

"I have proudly aligned myself with feminism for over eleven of my brief twenty-two years. Even in the rocky years of junior high, when such ideas didn’t win me any friends or popularity, I hooked an abortion rights pin to my shirt for my class picture. For years, throughout high school and most of college, it’s been at the bedrock of my values, suspicions, analysis, snap judgments, and total worldview..." read more


Michelle Cain, "Different" from Cain, no. 3.

"My first year at college went fairly smoothly. No big mishaps. No binge drinking, date rape, bulimia, nervous breakdowns or suicide attempts for me, thank goodness. Though that part of the college stereotype has eluded me, for the most part, I actually feel and have felt perfectly normal-- extremely normal, if that's not too much of an oxymoron. This is not to say that there aren't moments when I've felt out of place, in terms of music or fashion tastes or general demeanor, just as I did throughout high school, but those are superficial differences... ..." read more


Ryder-Hall, Colette and Valerie "Strange Rules That We Might Have," from Looks Yellow, Tastes Red #20.

"1. No calling people when in a bad mental state, after 10:30P.M. 2. No trying to make myself the center of other people's universes 3. No wine in a box " read more


Christy Thornton, "My Bike My Body" from Sin on Wheels

"there she goes. another backward feminist ranting about her body and her sexuality in the same breath she decries the way they hiss on the streets, they stare in her office. Wiggle your hips, hands between your legs and saying leave me alone? it was sad to see a woman so desperately confused. if she didn't want me to see those legs, she could cover 'em up. it's time we learned, and by WE i mean ALL of us. sexual expression does not imply invitation, or involve participation. i have this tight, short little red skirt. it wraps around my upper thighs, my belt resting at the lowest point in my back. my long, sturdy legs emerge out from under the hem, the strong muscles cultivated on west harlem hills... ..." read more


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