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U.S. Libraries with Zine Collections by State:

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Online Zine Libraries



The Catalyst Infoshop, Prescott

Dry River Zine Library, Tucson



Anno Domini Zine Library, San Jose
Focus is on creative and artistic zines.

Asian American Zine Archive, University of California, Davis
c/o Darrell Y. Hamamoto, Asian American Studies Program
530-752-5600, by appointment only

Bako Zines Library, Bakersfield
They're looking for donations: P.O. Box 30117 Bakersfield, CA. 93385

Beautiful/Decay, Culver City
Art and comix zines

Center for Sex and Culture, San Francisco

Chain House Zine Library, LA
A traveling Zine Library/Press

Che Cafe Zine Library, La Jolla
The Che is most interested in zines addressing political and social issues, especially looking for DIY how-to guides.

City Heights Free Skool, San Diego
Lending library of zines and books covering topics such as health, political theory, personal experience, fiction and poetry, art, media and culture, history, bikes, cooking, and gardening. Most materials are in English, with a growing Spanish language section.

GLBT Historical Society, San Francisco
Includes zines reviewed by Larry-bob Roberts for Holy Titclamps and Factsheet Five, as well as zines by other donors.

Long Haul Infoshop, Berkeley
Radical periodical collection spanning the past few decades.

Rock! Paper! Scissors! Zine Library, Oakland

San Francisco Public Library, San Francisco
The collection spans the twentieth century, with a special emphasis on the San Francisco experience.

UCLA, Los Angeles

University of California, Riverside, Riverside
Science fiction fanzines

West Coast Zine Collection, San Diego State University, San Diego



Colorado College, Colorado Springs
Southwest zines

Denver Zine Library, Denver



Elm City Infoshop (inside Neverending Books), 810 State St., New Haven CT 06511



Provisions Library: Resource Center for Activism & Arts, Washington, DC



New College of Florida, Sarasota

University of Central Florida, Orlando

Jacksonville Public Library, Jacksonville
"We hope to focus on regionally based zines, but our scope will be broad, including publications devoted to arts, culture, comics, politics, and advocacy."

Civic Media Center, Gainesville

Firefly Lending Library, Miami



Atlanta Zine Library
Contact Amanda to donate zines.

Oconee County Library, Watkinsville
Teen collection



DePaul University Zine Collection, Chicago
Includes zines from the 1994 Underground Press Conference as well as individuals' donated collections. Also known as Great Lakes Underground Press Collection, for zines acquired at the conference.

Knox College Zine/Art Club, Henry Seymour Library, Galesburg
Contact Carmen Ribaudo or reference@knox.edu

Ela Area Public Library, Lake Zurich

Read/Write Library Chicago, IL
Anything self-published in Chicago

Small Science Zine Library, Chicago, IL
Science zines to download.

Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center, Urbana, IL



University of Iowa, Iowa City
Special collections including "zines relating to avant-garde, underground, and popular music," Blakes 7 fanzines, fan fiction, apazines, science fiction fanzines, Star Trek, Star Wars, and riot grrrl. Also zines from the Zine Machine, a vending machine full of 'em.

Sweet Bee Infoshop, Des Moines, IA



University of Kentucky Zine Archive, Lexington
c/o Deirdre Scaggs, King Library, ukzinelibrary@gmail.com
The collection focuses on zines produced in or discussing the Southern United States and/or environmental issues (bikes, veganism, sustainable communities, etc.).

The Brick House, Louisville, KY



Amistad Research Center, Tulane University, New Orleans
"zines written and published by individuals of color or whose topics focus on racial and ethnic culture and history, civil rights, race relations, and related topics"

Hidden Spaces Zine Collection, sift, New Orleans
Pop-Up Zine Library events

Newcomb College Center for Research on Women, Tulane University, New Orleans
Zines by southern women. Zine reviews blog.



Wrong Brain, Kittery



Baltimore County Public Library, Baltimore

Charm City Art Space, Baltimore, MD
About half personal zines, and half punk zines HeartattaCk, Maximumrocknroll.

University of Maryland, College Park
D.C. Punk and Indie Fanzine Collection


Flywheel, Easthampton, MA

Hampshire College, Amherst, MA

Lesley University, Cambridge, MA

Papercut Zine Library, Cambridge, MA

Smith College, Northampton
Girls' zines, many from Tristan Taormino's collection.



University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Political, especially anarchist zines.

Michigan State, East Lansing
Comics are their specialty.

Petoskey Public Library, Petoskey
Has a small zine collection as part of its Teen Room, not cataloged.

Ypsilanti District Library
Stacey Palazzolo, Outreach Services, 5577 Whittaker Rd., Ypsilanti MI 48197
734-482-4110, ext. 1340; palazzolo@ypsilibrary.org



Minnesota Community and Technical College, Minneapolis

Minneapolis Public Library Walker Branch, Minneapolis
Search for subject Fanzines and you'll retrieve a list of nearly 200 bibliographic records, most representing not items about zines but zines themselves.

Bat Annex Free School Library, Minneapolis, MN.
Their catalog is online at LibraryThing.



Bread and Roses Library, St. Louis, MO

Joseph Heathcott Collection of Counterculture Publications, Saint Louis University Libraries Special Collections, St. Louis, MO
"These materials were collected by Joseph Heathcott in the course of his research as an American Studies professor and urban historian. Most of the materials were published between the late 1980s and early 2000s, and include American national and regional publications as well as materials published in Canada, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere."

Missouri Valley Special Collections, Kansas City Public Library, Kansas City

Paper Airplane Zine Library, Springfield, MO

Samizdat Zine Library, St. Louis, MO



University of Montana-Missoula, Missoula
Mansfield Library, attn: Special Collections Librarian or jordan.goffin@umontana.edu

Slumgullion Independent Publishing Co-op, Missoula, MT
Local and kid friendly zines, and others.



Omaha Zine Library, Omaha, NE


Las Vegas Zine Library, Las Vegas, NV


Plymouth Regional High School, Plymouth
Zines are not cataloged, but they do circulate.



K/S Zine Library, one in New Jersey, one in Scotland
By subscription. Star Trek fanzines and slash fiction.



Teen Zone, Farmington Public Library, Farmington



Barnard College, New York
Cis- and transgender women's personal and political zines. Open stacks and archives collections.

Brooklyn College, Brooklyn
Primary focus is Brooklyn zines.

Durland Alternatives Library, Cornell University, Ithaca

Fales Library & Special Collections, NYU, New York
Zines and other materials related to the riot grrrl movement.

Pratt Institute, Brooklyn
Art zines

University at Buffalo, Buffalo
Zines from around Western New York circa early to mid 1990s

Wells College Zine Library, Aurora

New York Public Library, DeWitt Wallace Periodical Room 108, Schwarzman Building, Fifth Avenue at 42nd Street, New York

New York State Library, Albany
They have the Factsheet Five collection.

ABC No Rio Zine Library, New York, NY

DitKO!, The Silent Barn, Ridgewood, NY

Silent City Distro, Ithaca, NY

Sugar City, Buffalo, NY

Unofficial SUNY New Paltz Traveling Zine Library, New Paltz, NY



Duke University, Durham
Includes the Sarah Dyer collection

Internationalist Books and Community Center, Chapel Hill



Browne Popular Culture Library , Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green

Cleveland Public Library, Cleveland

Cuyahoga County Public Library, Independence
Teen collection at Independence branch.



Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR

Multnomah County Public Library, Portland, OR

Bitch Media, Portland, OR

Black Rose at the Red and Black Cafe, Portland, OR

Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC), Portland, OR



Carnegie Library, Pittsburgh

Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA
Zines and artist's books.

Roboto Project Zine Library, Pittsburgh

The Soapbox: Philadelphia's Independent Publishing Center, Philadelphia, PA



Vermillion Public Library, Vermillion



Chattanooga Public Library, Chattanooga

Linebaugh Public Library, Murfreesboro

Watkins College of Art & Design, Nashville



Austin Public Library, Faulk Central Library, Austin

Austin Zine Library, Austin,
In the Rhizome Collective's Center for Community Organizing

Texas A & M University, College Station
Zines created by Texans or other Southwesterners and/or concern Texas or the Southwest; zines created by African-Americans or Latino/as in Texas or the Southwest; zines created by TAMU students or former students; and Artzines concerned with printing and/or designed as print art objects.



Salt Lake City Public Library, Main Library, Level 2, Salt Lake City



Marlboro College, Marlboro

Schulz Library, White River Junction, VT
The library for the Center for Cartoon Studies. Also has graphic novels, cartoon collections, and related ephemera.



Flying Brick Library, Richmond, VA

Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

Wingnut Anarrchist Collective, Richmond, VA



Kitsap Regional Library: Port Orchard Branch, 87 Sidney Ave., Port Orchard WA 98366
Shannon Peterson, 360-876-2224
Local, teen, comics, northwest zines

Olympia Zine Library, Olympia, WA

Punk Zine Archive, Mill Creek, WA
PDFs of out of print issues of punk zines including Flipside, HeartattaCk, Maximumrocknroll, and Suburban Voice.

Seattle Public Library, Seattle
In the Teen Center at the downtown library and also at the University Branch
Contact for University Branch: Josie Watanabe

Timberland Regional Library, Olympia
Search for them in the catalog using keyword <zine>

Zine Archive & Publishing Project, Seattle, WA



Beloit College, Beloit, WI

Library Workers Zine Collection, SLIS Laboratory Library, University of Wisconsin – Madison



National Libary of Australia, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Port Phillip Library Service, Port Phillip, Victoria, Australia

State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Copy & Destroy Zine Library Brisbane, Australia

Octapod, Newcastle NSW, Australia



Anchor Archive Zine Library, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Annapolis Valley Zine Library, Greenwich, Nova Scotia

Bibliograph, Montréal, Québec
Bilingual (Français/English)

Calgary Zine Library, Zine Tree Collective, Calgary, Alberta

Arrow Archive, Hamilton, Ontario

Ontario College of Art & Design, Toronto, Ontario

Sheridan College Library, Oakville, Ontario

Toronto Zine Library, Toronto, Ontario

Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver, British Columbia

XPACE, Toronto, Ontario



Fanzinothèque, Poitiers, France



Archiv der Jugendkulturen e.V. Berlin, Germany

FemArchiv in the Frauenmuseum, Marburg, Germany


The Athens Zine Bibliotheque, Athens, Greece


C20 Library & Collective Surabaya, Indonesia


The Forgotten Zine Archive, Dublin, Ireland
Irish & international independent publications


Booklet, Tokyo, Japan
Small-scale art zine & booklet library. Contact info@bookletlibrary.org to donate art zines, bookworks and booklets.

Itami City Library, Itami-shi, Hyogo, Japan

Nagi Shokudo, Shibuya, Japan
Zine library in a vegan restaurant. Japanese/English collection. From VLU blog.


Zsa Zsa Zine Library, Amsterdam
feminist, queer and poc zines and comics


Feminist Zine Library,Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington City Libraries, Wellington, New Zealand



Candies and Whims



56a Zine Library, London, England
political, feminist, queer, activist zines as well as perzines and punk zines

British Library, London, England
counterculture zines, women’s zines, riot grrrl zines,music zines, football zines, alternative comics

Cowley Club, Brighton, England
lending library with materials relating to libertarian, ecological, and feminist books, pamphlets, and zines

Glasgow Women's Library, Glasgow, Scotland
Feminist, perzines, music, punk, political, comics included in the collection. The collection dates from the early 90s to present day.

London College of Communication, London, England
art zines as well as music/personal/political zines, covering art, music, photography, politics and personal stories

Manchester LGBT Zine Library, Manchester, England
Zines housed in the Joyce Layland LGBT Centre

Mobile Menstrual Zine Library, Sheffield, England
Reference only.

Salford Zine Library, Manchester, England

Stuart Hall Library, London, England
cultural diversity,race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality, as well as personal/political/arts based zines

University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Zineopolis! Supports an arts, design & media illustration course

The Women's Library, London, England

Online Zine Libraries

Austin Fanzine Project, Austin, TX

Internet Archive, San Francisco, CA

Queer Zine Archive Project, Milwaukee, WI
Queer zines available in PDF for download.

Small Science
A collaboration of scientists, artists, students, and anyone else interested in science, this project produces small zines and web comics on a variety of topics. Read online, download zines, and share your ideas.

An online library which has hundreds of radical zines ready to print.